Monday Motivation – Part 2

Lightening the Burden

The folks at Hollyway Cleaners kept hearing all the desperate pleas by doctors and nurses for vital PPE mate.  As Los Angles, CA was heading into another critical week, the need for face masks for all had become even more acute.


Using the resources Amin Amersi and his team had, they did what they could to fill the demand and help protect the most vulnerable among us.  Guided by the simple idea that “no one is useless in the world who lightens the burdens of others in need” they joined with an organization called “Quilt From Heart” to make vitally needed masks for St Jude Hospitals, LAPD, and assisted living facilities throughout the Southland.


Dry cleaning and sanitizing in Greenearth all the fabric and materials, pressing all the materials,  and then using guidelines from the CDC for their tailors to make masks.  They’ve obtained special filters that are placed and sewn very carefully without permeating the membrane of the fabric.  These special masks are used for cancer patients who are children and are some of the most vulnerable in our population.

Loads Of Hope

We’re giving loads of props to Tide Cleaners for their Loads of Hope initiative. Taking place at select participating locations, the franchise group is putting first responders and their families first by providing free laundry and dry cleaning all of April and into the month of May.

These are challenging days for everyone, but the healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, etc., within our communities are experiencing this all on the front lines, risking the health and safety of both themselves and their loved ones. Tide’s gesture to “help lighten the load” for these heroes is some definite #MondayMotivation as we make our way through this unprecedented time together.

We appreciate the work the folks at Tide Cleaners have put into this campaign and are excited to see the response it’s getting. Long time Affiliate, Kyle Nesbit, was able to provide us with some awesome images of smiling faces taking part in the Load of Hope initiative. We were also excited to see a GreenEarth Affiliate’s commercial on National T.V. during 60 Minutes last night. Here is that T.V. spot for your viewing pleasure.


Protecting First Responders 

NextGen Cleaners & Alterations has their thoughts on first responders during this time as well. The San Jose, California-based Affiliate is now offering free dry cleaning for all emergency personnel uniforms. 

The attire these folks wear is exposed to any number of things day in and day out as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. As we’ve reported in our previous communication, the GreenEarth System’s use of higher-than-normal temperatures has proven to inactivate most bacteria and viruses. NextGen is doing an impactful job not only providing a free service but also giving front line men and women added peace of mind. Way to go, Emil and team!