Gifting season is upon us, and it is even easier to go green this season!

Gifting season is upon us, and it is even easier to go green this season!


When searching for gift ideas that support our love for sustainable and environmentally friendly products and best practices, we were thrilled to find so many fun and unique ideas. From clothing made from coffee to reusable paper towels, we found a little something for everyone!


Let’s jump right in!


Coalatree Eco-Minded Goods.

A love for the great outdoors is a common thread shared by many. Whether you live in the city and are destined for weekend adventures or enjoy a lifestyle in mountainous terrain, Coalatree has gear for all outdoor enthusiasts. You will find an eco-friendly product line offering clothing for men and women, hammocks, blankets, and accessories, all with rave reviews! 


However, we found one product fascinating and, quite frankly, just super cool. Clothing made from Coffee! You read that right. Not only can you enjoy a hot cup of joe each morning, but you can also sport clothing made of coffee. Sipping coffee while wearing coffee! It’s a thing! 


Each year coffee consumption creates millions of tons of waste. How do we reduce that waste? One way is to recycle coffee grounds into usable fabric. Infusing yarn with coffee saves landfills from coffee waste, lowers carbon emissions, provides properties similar to synthetic performance clothing, and more. You will enjoy an odor-resistant fabric that is anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, offers UV protection, and keeps you cool… AND is good for the environment. 



Bearaby Napper

The gift of rest is surely something everyone can appreciate. Whether it is a cozy afternoon nap or a long night’s rest, you can give the gift of relaxing slumber to everyone on your list. Your loved ones can snuggle up under a weighted blanket crafted with your choice of buttery-soft cotton, silky-smooth moisture-wicking TENCEL, or eco-friendly velvet in soothing colors like asteroid grey, evening rose, or terracotta, just to name a few. Self-care without compromise is the mission behind Bearaby products, and we think they nailed it. The products are made with eco-friendly materials, sourced ethically, manufactured responsibly, and oh so snuggly! They did not stop at blankets either. Be sure and search their sensory pillows and the cutest little stocking stuffer, the Hugget. Even your littlest of loves can have their own, youth-size, blanket and sensory pillow set.



Munjoi – The All-Dai Shoe

The All-Dai shoe is like gifting four pairs of shoes in one! By removing the insole and collapsing down the desired toe or heel portions, you can have a sandal, a slide, a mule, or a sneaker – all in one. The All-Dai shoe is made from almost entirely plant-based materials (cotton, hemp, algae, and sugar cane). In sticking true to the mission of simplicity and less consumption, the color choices are classic neutrals – Black Sea, Sedona, or Neutral.



Homeostasis Living – REusable Collections

This season give the gift that keeps on giving, reusable paper towels. Replacing a one-time-use product in your home is a beautiful way to support a healthier planet. We found these adorable reusable paper towels in patterns that complement any décor. Made with organic cotton and natural eco-friendly dyes, you will enjoy their durable design and long-lasting construction. Each set of 12 or 24 comes with an organic cotton wash bag. Add a bamboo paper towel holder for a complete look.



One of the highlights of researching this article was seeing the passion and heart around creating sustainable, environmentally friendly resources that mirror our founding principle at GreenEarth Cleaning – “doing business without doing harm”. Our mission is a kinder clean. We seek to take better care of fabrics, the people who wear them, and the planet where we live.